Helping people break destructive habits through channeling

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Rae Chandran, standing 3rd from left, with his group in Egypt.

Rae Chandran has been on a journey ever since he left his native India for Japan in 1993. It has taken him from dishwasher in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho area to homeless man living in a park to an account executive at an English-language magazine. Now he has found his true calling – as a spiritual healer for troubled souls (channeling) in Japan and all over the world.

“My spiritual quest started very early in my life,” Chandran recalls. “I wanted to know why there was so much inequality and poverty in the world. When things didn’t work out for me in Tokyo, I was left high and dry and was homeless for a few days.  I had to find my own strength to survive.”

He got back on his feet, working as a bartender in Omotesando before joining Metropolis in 1998, where he worked until 2010. “I started doing channeling part-time on weekends. My first teacher was an American mystic named Robert Shapiro. I read his book and it touched my heart. I called him up in America after looking for his phone number for three months. He taught me for three years without charging me.”

Today, Chandran is very much in demand in Japan and abroad. He creates individual and healing soul symbols that are channeled from ascended masters like Master Kuthumi, Lord St Germain, Mary Magdalene, Isis and other lightbeings. He also conducts spiritual tours to sacred energy spots, does personal mentoring and is a regular contributor to the American magazine, Sedona Journal of Emergence.

To someone not familiar with the discipline, channeling may sound like a lot of mumbo-jumbo, but Chandran – a gentle-speaking man – explains it is neither religious nor harmful.

“What I basically do is an energy reading for the person in the moment. Most people can only see what is in front of them. But an energy reading lets you see more; it helps you see your potential. I try to avoid telling anyone what to do. I just show them all the possibilities, so that they can have more choices to make. It’s like giving a person the tools for change. Whether or not they use the tools is up to them.”

Nowadays, Chandran says the challenge for many people is breaking destructive habits and embracing a new path. In Japan, 90% of his clients are Japanese. “Japanese are looking for an answer to why they are here in the world. Since March 11, they have been looking for a bigger answer to what happened,” Chandran said. “With foreigners, relationship problems account for about 90% of cases, and work the other 10%.”

Chandran frequently conducts workshops, teaching people how to heal relationships, how they can create a new consciousness using music, flowers or animals. He teaches sacred geometry and makes symbols for them.

“Symbols are the languages of the soul. Symbols bypass the mind and go direct to the deep recess of the mind. Historically, all cultures have used symbols to convey and receive messages. Language, as we know it, is a fairly modern version of communication. Languages have limits in communicating the true nature of things. The ancients have left hundreds of symbols throughout the planet offering us clues to their existence and also offering us wisdom. Some of the famous symbols we are well aware of all the symbols of Egypt, the ancient Mayans and Celtic symbols. In these times, symbols along with sound can become a powerful healing tool for releasing deep-seated emotions and belief systems. The goal is to awaken in you, your own truth and your own I AM presence.”

Chandran estimates that over the years he has helped more than 15,000 people. This year, he has made many overseas trips to Egypt, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Holland, France and Belgium, among others. “Participants come from all over the world, including Japan,” he said. “I take them to power spots where they can feel energy in the ground and use it in their present reality.”

Chandran knows, of course, that there will always be people who ridicule what he does. How does he respond to cynics? “I tell them that this is just one of many realities that are unseen. Right now, they can choose to stay with their reality if they are happy. People can call me any names. It doesn’t bother me. I am privileged that I am able to do this and help others and myself. People have written to me to say thank you for changing their lives.”

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