Buns are fried chicken?! Check out KFC’s Chicken Filet Double

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Image: Ikebukuro Keizai Shinbun

KFC’s new sandwich, the Chicken Filet Double, goes on sale Feb 2. It is something different which may surprise regular diners at KFC. It uses chicken “buns” instead of bread.

The Chicken Filet Double contains two thick and juicy boneless white meat chicken filets, two pieces of bacon, a melted slice of cheese and mayonnaise sauce between two chunks of fried chicken. The seasoning is the same for the regular chicken on the menu.

 Leading the new product promotion, KFC at Ikebukuro Sunshine street has been rearranged as a Chicken Double Store until Feb 2.

According to the results of a pre-release survey by KFC, the new type of sandwich surprised people with its strong meat impact but made them curious enough to try it.

 The U.S. and Australia have already sold the sandwich named “Double Down.” KFC received inquiries from Japanese fans wanting to try it. So here it is. Just don’t try to think about the calories.

Price: 450 yen (500 yen with M size drink)

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  • Daniel Lausevic

    It’s been on the KFC menu in the US for a few years now. It’s really delicious, but once you look at its fat and cholesterol levels, you’ll regret you ate it.


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