Make KFC’s Chicken Filet Double with McDonald’s hamburger patties

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GaijinPot last month carried a story about KFC’s Chicken Filet Double which uses fried chicken as buns. Check the article: “Buns are fried chicken?! Check out KFC’s Chicken Fillet Double“.

According to RocketNews24, it’s easy to make your own Chicken Filet Double, using McDonald’s hamburger patties instead of fried chicken buns.

All you need are two hamburger patties, put sliced cheese, cooked bacon and mayonnaise between the patties, then encase it in McDonald’s wrapping paper and heat it in the microwave for 20~30 seconds.

First of all, prepare two McDonald's hamburgers

Put the patty on the plate

Put mayonnaise on the patty

Put sliced cheese on top

Place bacon on top of the cheese

Add another piece of sliced cheese

Put another piece of bacon on top

Put mayonnaise again on top of the bacon

To finish, add another McDonald's hamburger patty

It's ready to eat.

See the video below for a guide.

Source: RocketNews24

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