What do you get when you cross MOS Burger with Mister Donuts?

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On April 1, the first MOSDO store will open in Ebisu, Tokyo. The store merges concepts from MOS Burger and Mister Donuts.

The menu developed by MOS Burger features vegetable sandwiches. Some items like “Hamburger and Grilled Vegetables” combine three kinds of bread.  The concept is “Enjoying vegetables with sandwiches.”

All the “MOS Vegetables” used are grown by co-operative farms in Japan without the use of agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers.

For its part, Mister Donuts has developed a sweets menu for the store with the theme of “Richness in sweets that can’t be made at home.” Two highlights are the “Thick Hot Pancake” and a sweet puff paste sandwich of strawberries and Turkish delight.

Image: Walker Plus

The store will be located a minute away from JR Ebisu station.

Place: Ebisu

Source: Walker Plus

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  • Matt Canada says:

    There’s been a MOSDO in Hiroshima for the better part of a year. From the looks of it the Ebisu shop will offer a different menu and sport a fairly different concept however.