Ben & Jerry’s to return to Japan with Omotesando Hills store

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Ben & Jerry’s Super Premium Ice Cream, which has 815 stores in 27 countries, will open its first store in Japan at Omotesando Hills on April 14. The brand was in Japan once before, opening in 1997 in a tie-up with 7-Eleven, but was not successful.

Ben & Jerry’s was founded in 1978 by two young men who loved ice cream. Today, the company is owned by Unilever and is said to be the most popular ice cream brand in the United States.

Ben & Jerry’s uses carefully-selected ingredients, including fresh milk and cream from dairy farmers. The deep and rich flavor of the ice cream is enhanced with toppings, such as chunky chocolate and cookies. You can enjoy different combination of ice cream and toppings.


Many American celebrities love the ice cream, including Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Kim Kardashian. Also, the brand collaborates with famous musicians. The John Lennon Foundation participated in the creation of “Imagine World Peace” ice cream. One of the biggest hit albums of Elton John, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” was used for the menu, too. “Cherry Garcia” ice cream was named after the guitarist of the legendary rock band, Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia.

In addition to the ice cream menu, there are chocolate and banana flavored sundaes, shakes with chunks of charamel, brownies and strawberries. Coffee for the frozen shakes comes through fair trade. The store will also be selling tumblers, T-shirts and other gift items.

Besides the 12 flavors that the world loves, there will be original flavors for Japan.

Source: Walker Plus

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