U.S. hamburger chain restaurants offer some unusual items in Japan

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Image: McDonald's Japan

Famous American hamburger chain restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s have had varying degrees of success in Japan over the years. Many foreign food chain restaurants have flopped (Nathan’s, Arby’s) because they have not been able to adapt their menus to suit Japanese consumers.

The hamburger chains have had better success than most. While their menus are predominantly the same as in the U.S., they are also selling original items for Japan.

Here are a few examples.

McDonald’s Japan


The Teritama burger is selling for a limited period only. Based on the popular McDonald’s  Teriyaki Mc Burger, it consists of a juicy pork patty with ginger flavored teriyaki sauce, fried egg, lettuce and sweet lemon sauce. Teritama’s “Teri” is from Teriyaki and “tama” is from Tamago (egg). There are also “Cheese Teritama” which is “Teritama” with cheddar cheese, and “Sakura (Cherry blossom) Teritama” which is “Teritama” with light pink sakura sauce for spring.

Image: McDonald's Japan

Teriyaki Mc Burger

Teriyaki McBurger is very popular in Japan. It contains a juicy pork patty with ginger and garlic flavored teriyaki sauce, fresh lettuce, sweet lemon sauce, and buns with sesame to make a rich and delicious taste.

Image: McDonald's Japan

Ebi (Shrimp) Fillet

Ebikatsu (shrimp cutlet) contains crunchy shelled shrimp. Its taste is enriched by Thousand Island sauce with many vegetables such as onions, olives, and so on, fresh lettuce, mustard and buns with sesame.

Image: McDonald's Japan

McDonald’s Japan often runs campaigns to sell unique burgers in Japan, such as Gurakoro Burger which contains cream croquette with macaroni and shrimps in winter, Tsukimi Burger which contains fresh egg, 100% juicy beef patty, smoky bacon, original sauce (mayonnaise with tomato sauce), and buns with sesame in September and October, and so on. Furthermore, McDonald’s Japan sells not only original burgers but also original side menus such as American cherry shake.

Please check McDonald’s Japan Website for the current campaign.

The video below is a previous popular and catchy McDonald’s commercial. The commercial is about Donald (as he is known in Japan) McDonalds’ actions when he is happy. When he is happy, he says “Ranranruu.” The commercial became so well known that his gesture is often imitated by children in Japan.


Burger King Japan


In March, Burger King released an apple-topped burger called BK RiNGO for a limited time. BK RiNGO is a Whopper Jr-sized burger sandwiching a grilled beef patty, lettuce, honey-mustard sauce, and a 7mm slice of a flame-grilled apple.

Image: Burger King Japan

Grill Teriyaki

Grill Teriyaki is Burger King Japan’s original item. It uses a 13-cm bun, a 100g smoked beef patty with a blend of dark soy sauce and teriyaki sauce. The kids can try the Grill Teriyaki Jr, which uses a 10-cm bun and 60g beef patty.

Image: Mynavi News

See more menu items at the Burger King Japan Official Website.

 Wendy’s Japan

Foie gras Rossini

Two years after exiting the Japanese market, Wendy’s returned to Japan last December. It has four types of “Japan Premium” products only available in Japan, including the Foie Gras Rossini with original foie gras terrine, along with an upgraded line of long-awaited classic products, including Dave’s Hot-n-Juicy hamburgers (with square patties), premium chicken sandwiches, “Garden Sensations” entrée salads, chili and Frosty.

Image: IT media

Avocado Wasabi

The Avocado Wasabi is another of the “Japan Premium” items.

Image: IT media

Truffle & Boletus Grill Chicken

Another “Japan Premium” item is the Truffle & Boletus Grill Chicken which contains expensive mushroom truffles.

Image: IT media

The Chili Burger

The 4th “Japan Premium” item is “The Chili Burger” featuring chili sauce and double cheddar cheese.

Image: IT media

See what else is on the menu at Wendy’s Japan Official Website.

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