A cafe where you can eat noodles and talk with pretty idols?!

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Image: Nikkei Trendy Net

In Akihabara, there is a cafe where you can eat noodles and talk with pretty idols. The cafe is called “Noodle Cafe” and you can chat one-to-one with an idol for three minutes after you pour hot water into your cup of noodles.

The cafe is operated by entertainment agency “Platinum Passport” to which popular idol group Passpo belongs. The girls in Noodle Cafe are the new faces at the agency. Some of them are known to fans.

When you come into the cafe, you choose your favorite idol’s ticket at the vending machine. (See image below.)

Image: Nikkei Trendy Net

Then you go to a counter where the idols are waiting with tickets and choose a cup noodle. The idol pours the hot water into the cup and you start chatting for three minutes until the noodles are ready.

The price is 800 yen for a cup.  Of course, that is a lot more than the 100~150 yen cup noodles at supermarkets and convenience stores. However, the cafe attracts many repeat customers. One regular said: “It is a rare opportunity to talk with an idol for three minutes. Fans are lucky if they get more than a few seconds at meet-and-greet events.”

The meet-and-greet events (or “shaking hands events,” as they are sometimes called) cost fans a 1,000-yen CD before they can participate — and then they only get a few seconds to shake hands and say hello. That’s why the Noodle cafe is so popular.

To some people, three minutes may seem short, but for others, it is long enough.

Image: Nikkei Trendy Net

After talking with your idol for three minutes, you move to an eating space. There are not many tables, so fans often eat at the same table, giving them an opportunity to communicate with other fans.

Image: Nikkei Trendy Net

By the way, you do not have to choose a particular girl to talk to at the Noodle Cafe. If you buy the “Omakase” ticket, you get to talk to a randomly chosen idol for only 500 yen.

You can eat only one cup of noodles each time you come.

Address of Noodle Cafe: (Dai 6 Isaya Building 3F


Source: Nikkei Trendy Net

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