Fancy some huge gyoza?

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Good news for people who love gyoza (Jiaozi) or who are big eaters!

In Iidabashi, Tokyo, there is a restaurant called “Kagurazakahanten (神楽坂飯店)” where you can eat very huge gyoza.  According to staff, the jumbo size is about 100 standard size gyozas.

The skins or wrappers are several times thicker than pizza dough because there are many ingredients inside, so the chef cannot cook them unless the skin is very thick.

You may think that nobody can eat it all. However, according to restaurant staff, there have been customers who ate it all alone. Kagurazakahanten staff say they want customers to eat until they are satisfied, and that’s the reason why the restaurant started to provide the huge gyoza.

It costs 9,600 yen and you need to make a reservation before coming to Kagurazakahanten.

Besides gyoza, Kagurazakahanten is selling huge servings of ramen and fried rice, making it ideal for parties.

See the huge gyoza at Kagurahanten in the video below.

Kagurahanten (神楽坂飯店)
Open: 11:00~23:00 (L.O. 22:45) weekdays/11:00~22:00 (L.O. 21:45) on weekends and national holidays
2 minutes’ walk from JR Iidabashi station, west exit
1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Iidabashi station, B3 exit


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