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Japan`s festivals always make for an amazing day out and incredible experience and in the last few years, traditional local festivals have been joined by a rich variety of multicultural events. Tokyo`s Thai Festival is one of the biggest of those.

Over 345,000people visited the festival this year, enjoying Thai food, and culture from Yoyogi Park in Harajuku Tokyo.

Seven Bank was there too, they have been increasingly offering their essential money transfer service to the folks living in Japan and have been doing more and more to get involved with overseas communities living here.

They were working with GOWELL, a local Thai company that provides Thai staffing services, Thai language lessons amongst other things… During the festival, the Company held Thai carving demonstrations, and also offered mini lessons to promote traditional Thai art.

About 400 people took the mini lesson and carved a leaf from a slice of radish. They have around 700 years of history and traditionally takes forms of fruits and vegetables.

Of course, as with all festivals in japan, everyone is free to get involved and that was reflected in who visited. Seven Bank is obviously a recognizable brand, and they saw a number of people visit them – including folks from the US, Indonesia, and other nationalities.

If you are someone who thinks they might need to transfer money back out from Japan to your home country you can register for free and once registered, you will receive an ATM card, that can be used to send money from ATMs in Seven Eleven conveniences stores, airports and stations to about 200 countries. Users can send 10,000 yen for only 990 yen and 50,000 yen for only 1,500 yen, with no payment due on the receiving end. Receivers do not need to open a bank account.

Lots of people know about the service but they put off registering until they need it. But by then it can often be too late. To save that trouble and to make it easier for when you do need it, its a good idea to register early and then it is ready and waiting for you.

You see more details about Seven Bank’s money transfer system at Seven Bank Japan money transfer service – The complete overview.

You can see more information about Seven Bank’s money transfer service from Seven Bank Official Website.

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