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Once upon a time the image of shared living brought to mind an old, dirty house that one had to take if they weren’t an expat able to get good service from a regular realtor.

However, we are well into the new millennium and while places like this still exist, there are some pioneering companies that are making shared living a place to be proud of.

Global Agents is one of those companies with their Social Apartments line of properties. Social Apartments is breaking ground with locations in upscale places like Ebisu, Omote Sando and Azabu Juban.

The premise is simple; take something old and make it better. While traditional shared housing focused on providing a lower budget roof over your head, Social Apartments takes it a thousand steps further. With a huge focus on quality, all locations are not only fully renovated but come equipped in the common areas with fully stocked gourmet kitchens, furniture and electronics of the highest quality.

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However, don’t take our word for it. Below are some testimonials that can explain what it is like to live in a Social Apartments buildings better than any article could do.

“In Social Apartments Ebisu, sharing space with the others allows me to get to know more people then I’d meet anywhere else!”

Nishikawa san
27 years old
Social Apartment Ebisu
Nishikawa san

“I heard from my boss that shared living had a lot of benefits so when it came time for me to look for a place to live I decided to look into what shared living arrangements existed and found Social Apartments. I went to take a look at the property and there were so many people talking and getting to know each other, I decided that this was the place for me.
I have an irregular work schedule, which prevents me from going out and socializing at normal hours. However, the sense of community at Social Apartments Ebisu really gave me the sense that I was coming home. There is always someone to talk to and coming into the kitchen welcomed by the smell of something good on the stove is really appealing to me.

Usually the lounge is the busiest between 10pm to 12pm but I usually get home around 2am on weekdays. Despite the late hour, there are always 2 or 3 people there chatting away about something and regardless of our backgrounds, we all listen and respect each other. That’s the thing that speaks to me the most about this type of living arrangement. You can have regular or irregular hours and no matter what your profession, people still get along and that to me is a sense of community you can’t find anywhere else.

Going out is always fun but there is something about sharing a space with like minded people that adds to your quality of life in a big way.”

“The ease of communication makes this place fun and interesting.”

Hatan san
31 years old
Social Apartment Eda
Specialized IT Consultant

“At first I thought of Social Apartments Eda as a place to hang my hat. The building’s location was close to work and I fell in love with the area on first sight which is why I initially chose to live here. However after moving in I soon pleasantly discovered that there is more here than met the eye.

What really impressed me was the ability all residents have to exchange not only culture but ideas too. It seems we are always meeting new people and everyone has a new story to tell. I find this in reality to be a lot more enjoyable then I first imagined.

For a foreign person coming to Japan for the first time, having a shared living arrangement like this is great because it is a mix of Japanese and foreign residents. If you are looking to practice a new language (for me Japanese), I found it really easy to practice with people in the common areas. But not only language, there are other idea exchanges like sharing of recipes thanks to the gourmet kitchen that we all can use anytime.

The lounge is great too! On the weekdays when everyone is busy working (often late), it is great to come home to people chatting about their day. Compared to living by myself in a completely private apartment, Social Apartments Eda is much much better. Coming home and having someone ask about your day and you doing likewise not only allows you to meet people but get to know them as well.

Having other people around on the workday helps to keep you into the hustle and bustle of the workweek. If I lived in a private apartment never talking to my neighbors then it would be easy to allow myself to fall into a complacency that can effect my work life but not here. Talking through the challenges and successes of my work day really helps to keep me positive, which is beneficial both personally and professionally.”

“It’s the parties that are the best!”

Nakahashi san
30 years old
Social Apartment Ebisu
Cyber agent worker

“When it came time for me to move, I knew I wanted to be around Shibuya. My budget wasn’t super high and I knew from the beginning that I would need shared accommodations. After looking around at many different locations, I decided that Social Apartments Ebisu was the place for me.

There are a lot of many people here all from different backgrounds which is very appealing to me. The furnishings here are great too. At first glance you can see that they are of the highest quality. Convenience of location, great people and great furnishings were the clincher for me; I wanted to live in Social Apartments Ebisu.

On the days off, the lounge is bustling with people and there is always an event going on. It isn’t unheard of also to have large parties as well, upwards of 80 people attending! One time there was a French DJ living in the building, which gave a great vibe to the party! I definitely recommend Social Apartments to anyone looking for a fun place to live!

“Social Apartments is the place if you’re looking for a different way of life!”

Fukushima san
25 years old
Social Apartment Hana Koganei

“After living with my parents, I decided that it was time for me to go out on my own. I started looking for places to live and found Social Apartments on a friend’s Facebook page. After looking through their web site and learning more about the concept of shared living, I was intrigued by what Social Apartments had to offer. After seeing Social Apartments Hana Koganei, I decided this was the place for me!

I haven’t regretted it since as after moving in I found there were people here from all walks of life with different values and perspectives, all living under one roof. Japanese and foreign, we all communicate in the shared spaces to mutual benefit and I know I couldn’t find this atmosphere anywhere else.

The most appealing thing is that you can have both public and private spaces in the same building. In other shared locations, the separation between the public and private spaces are pretty slim however in Social Apartments, both are separated in a very ergonomic way. If you want your private time you can have it. If you want to be with other people there is always something going on in the shared spaces so really it is always up to you what you want to do!

For me, the lounge at Social Apartments Hana Koganei is the highlight of the building. There is always someone interesting to talk to and that can’t be found when you live in an apartment complex completely cut off from your neighbors.”





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