How to Relieve Stress and Pain

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A New Way To Transform Pain & Handle Stress

Most of us express ourselves consistently. We talk in a certain way, stand, sit or sleep in a fix position. These habits are typical for us and the way in which we stand, sit, behave in different situations are predictable.

In addition, we have feelings and emotions that appear regularly. For some of us, it’s a lack of concentration. For others it could be boredom, tension or pressure. These constant discomfots can lead us to get depressed.

These habits we acquire usually because of stress situations during our life and repeat them over and over again until they fixate and become an integral part of our personality and our bodies. Most of these habits limit the body and exhaust it.

Prolonged shoulder pain for example, restrict the movement of the body, making them more stiff and create a fixed mode of constant discomfort.

Someone who tried to appear strong and confidant, and always go strait, after years may suffer from back pain and shoulder tension. These pains are the body’s way to tell the person that something needs to change.

Once we identify how we create the particular situation in our bodies, we can lead to first controlling it and then stopping the pattern.

Through sessions you will learn to pay better attention to your body and recognize your repetitive behavior which causes you pain. You will learn how to stop it by yourself, to free the pain and to produce the change you are longing for.

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