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Not only it is enough for Global Agents to break the mold when it comes to shared housing with its Social Apartment’s series of buildings, now they’re sweetening the deal with a summer special sure to get you off your duff and into their website to see what they’ve got!

For a limited time, anyone who inquires from GaijinPot or Real Estate Japan will get 50% off the key money for their rental contract! This offer is only on four of their buildings, each with a detailed description so click through to take a look!

Advertisor’s Special Series: Social Apartment Wako

Advertisor’s Special Series: Social Apartment Wako

Located at an easy acccess 5-minute by a bicycle from Wakoshi station on the Fukutoshin line and Yurakucho line, access to the metropolitan area is a breeze. The common area includes a 60’s era style lounge attached to a 4-story structure containing 41 private units.

The house has been designed especially by renowned Japanese art director Shun Kawakami. It houses 41 apartments and a billiard lounge, library, yoga studio, and beauty room in a separate building.

Activities include language exchange on weekdays and parties in the lounge on weekends. Each apartment has a private bathroom, toilet, and kitchen.

Social Apartment Wako 1 Social Apartment Wako 2 Social Apartment Wako 3

The Social Apartments series of designer shared housing complexes attracts 
a serious but fun loving international group of people. This doesn’t just mean foreign people. Many Japanese people are choosing Social Apartments as a very satisfactory way to live in clean, comfortable accommodations that doesn’t break the bank. The word “international” includes Japanese people too which is exactly what Social Apartments Wako will provide; an truly international atmosphere with a distinctly Japanese flavor.

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Advertiser’s Special: Social Apartment Azabu Juban

Advertiser’s Special: Social Apartment Azabu Juban

Social Apartment Azabu Juban is located in only 1 minute away from Azabu Juban station, which can be argued is Tokyo’s trendiest location. With café’s, restuarants and clubs lining cobblestoned streets, this area is where Tokyo’s most creative and affluent come to play.

Housing 27 units surrounding a 50 square meter lounge space, Social Apartments Azabu Juban is sure ot meet your liking. Furnishings and features were all designed and installed to meet renissance standards giving the house a very deep cultural feel to it.

Social Apartment Azabu Juban 1 Social Apartment Azabu Juban 2

The most noteable feature of this building is the undeground space. It’s called “Tamariba” in Japanese which means “The space where people hang out together”. This space has 40 square meteres with high ceiling, which allows more focus on close communication with residents and neighbours to have a meetings and conversation. Of course the space can be used for some events such as workshops, seminars, networking and birthday parties too. With your creativity and own network, we want you to utilize this space as your “Tamariba”.

So with all it has to offer, come and see why so many have already chosen Social Apartment Azabu Juban as their place to call home.

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Advertisor’s Special Series: Social Apartment Miyamaedaira

Advertisor’s Special Series: Social Apartment Miyamaedaira

Located just a one minute walk from Miyamaedaira station on the Denenchofu line, Social Apartment Miyamaedaira has you living just 24 minutes station to station from Tokyo’s most lively area, Shibuya.

Social Apartments is famous for well designed common areas and this building is no different. With a main room that has a look of a cafe, the rest of the building has been designed around 6 major themes; HOME, WORK, EAT, PLAY, RELAX, PARTY.

Social Apartment Miyamaedaira 1 Social Apartment Miyamaedaira 2 Social Apartment Miyamaedaira 3

HOME: To make you feel like you’re in your own private area, all 92 rooms are soundproofed.

WORK: With a fully equipped library that is large and spacious, you’ll be able to get stuff done with the ultimate focus and vision.

EAT: The kitchen is equipped with the most state of the art appliances Once you enter the kitchen, you’ll feel like you’re a world class chef.

PLAY: Chill out with a game of billiards on our full size table or jam with your mates in the fully sound proofed music room.

RELAX: For the ladies, there is a beauty and relaxation room where you can enjoy the extensive spa and use the latest model massage chair.

PARTY: You can organize the party or event with your friends at the party room which is very high class and is always well equipped.

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Advertiser’s Special Series: Social Apartment Shin – Kemigawa

Advertiser’s Special Series: Social Apartment Shin – Kemigawa

Taste the experience of a 400 square meter, fully modern and attractive apartments in Chiba Prefecture that is an 8 minute walk from Shin-Kemigawa station (JR Sobu line). Designed by a famous architect, this building has all the facilities you need to make yourself at home.

The 160 square meters main room has custom-made sofas for you to relax in and three separated themed areas – Living, Dining, and Playing. There is a 60-inch TV that is equipped with a Wii and Playstation 3 that allows you to immerse yourself in virtual reality. Also there is a pool table and darts board available in the “Playing” zone.

As with all Social Apartment buildings, the design has been done with a heavy focus of promoting cross cultural experiences. The lounge is set up where people are encouraged to speak and converse with each other which has been the hallmark of Social Apartment buildings since the very inception.

Social Apartment Shin – Kemigawa 1 Social Apartment Shin – Kemigawa 2 Social Apartment Shin – Kemigawa 3

If you like music, there is a soundproof music studio. If you like exercising, there is a 40 square meter fitness gym equipped with mirrors and a 40-inch TV. If you like yoga, there’s a space for that too.

For the ladies, there is a beauty and relaxation room where you can enjoy the extensive spa and use the state of the art message chair. Also available is the latest Japanese beauty product called Nano-care, which emits negative ions to keep moisture from your body and face.

Also there is an open area library where you can enjoy the amazing cherry blossom flowers during the spring season through the wide windows in the library.

Social Apartment Shin – Kemigawa 4 Social Apartment Shin – Kemigawa 5 Social Apartment Shin – Kemigawa 6

For residents, all these facilities are there for you to use as much or as little as you like. At Social Apartment Shin – Kemigawa, you have the space to enhace your lifestyle anyway you like!

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