How to say “to be infatuated with, totally absorbed by, or crazy about something”【ハマる】hamaru

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A: 久しぶり。最近どう?
B: 実はさ、最近オンラインゲームにハマってて。

A: Hisashiburi!  Saikin dou?
B:   Jitsu wa sa, saikin online game ni hamattete.
       Yasumino hi wa jyu jikan wa yatteru kamo.
A:  Ee!!  Mecha kucha hamatteru ne.

Conversation between friends
A: It’s been a while. How are you doing lately?
B: The truth is, lately I’ve been addicted to online games. On my days off I play for maybe ten hours.
A: What?! You must be addicted like crazy.

Another word that is used in the same way as “hamaru” is the Japanese-made English phrase, “my boom.”
Instead of meaning something that is “booming” with the general public, it means a “boom” for an individual person.



Saikin no my boom wa online game desu.

Lately I’m really into online games. (Online games are my boom lately.)

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