How to say “To cancel at the last minute” in Japanese?

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dotakyan (suru)


Meaning: To cancel an appointment or order just beforehand.

It began being used after the word “Dotanba”, meaning last minute, and the English word “cancel/kyanseru”, were joined together.

A conversation with a friend
Woman 1: Oh, What’s wrong? Did something happen?
Woman 2: Listen to this, I had a date tomorrow, but it got cancelled at the last moment again!


女性1:あれ、どうしたの?何かあった? Are, doushitano? Nanika atta?
女性2:ちょっと、聞いてよ。 Chotto Kiiteyo.
明日デートの約束してたのに、またドタキャンされちゃった!Ashita date no yakusoku shitetanoni, mata dotakyan sarechatta!

Things to be careful of when using:

The act of cancelling at the last minute is not a good act.

Therefore the person who has had an appointment cancelled usually uses it like this.
“I had an appointment cancelled at the last minute” –> “Dotakyan sareta!”.

When the person who cancelled the appointment uses it, they use it like this.
“I had to cancel at the last minute (I’m sorry~)” –> “Dotakyan shite shimaimashita.

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