How to say “ communicating while intoxicated/drinking” in Japanese?

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“Nomi-nication”, “Intoxicommunication” is a neologism, which is comes from “communicating while intoxicated.” Intoxicommunication is generally used to refer to going out drinking with one’s boss/supervisor or someone that works under you. There are detractors and supporters of this. Some deride it as just a way for the boss to blow off steam. On the other hand, others say that it has the effect of making work smoother by bringing people closer together. Apparently many supervisors invite their subordinates to go out drinking in order to gauge their true feelings and opinions, which they are reluctant to share at the office.

Japanese Example:

例) (女性の友達同士の会話)







A: Kinou, shokuba no hitotachi to yonin de nomini ittanda.
B: Hee, doko ni ittano?
A: Yakiniku!  Shikamo jyoshi ga ogotte kuretano.
B: Iinaa.
A: Osake ga haitta seimo arukedo, kekkou shigoto no koto toka atsuku hanasetashi, yappari ‘nomi-nication’ tte daijidanatte omottayo.


English Translation

Example: (A conversation between two female friends.)

A: Yesterday I went out drinking with four coworkers.

B: Really? Where did you go?

A: We went to Korean BBQ! And my boss paid for everything too.

B: Lucky you!

A: It might have been because of the alcohol but our discussion about work got pretty heated. I realized that intoxicommunication is actually really important.


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