Japanese Slang: Chin-suru

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Meaning: to cook, or warm up food in a microwave oven.

The word originates from the ‘chin’ sound (currently various sounds such as pi pi pi) that household microwave ovens made to notify that cooking was complete.
By adding the suffix ‘~suru’ to this sound, it creates the verb ‘chin suru’.
It may sound like baby talk, but it is used by all generations, and you can even hear the staff at convenience stores ask “Chin shimasuka?’ (meaning would you like me to warm this up?)

Example): 【朝、夫婦の会話】

 夫: じゃあ、いってきまーす。
 妻: あ、ちょっと待って!今夜、友達と食事する予定だから、昨日の残り物の
 夫: あ、そうなんだ。分かった。

【Asa, fufu no kaiwa】
Otto: Jaa, itte kimasu!
Tsuma: Ah, chotto matte.  Konya tomodachito shokuji suru yotei dakara, kinou no nokorino okazude waruindakedo, chin site tabete kureru?  Reizouko ni iroiro haitteiru kara.
Otto: Ah, sou nanda.  Wakatta.

English Translation:【Morning conversation between husband and wife】

Husband : Ok so see you later.
Wife : Oh, just wait! I am going out for dinner with a friend tonight, so could u warm up (chin suru) yesterday’s leftovers and eat those? There are various things in the refrigerator.
Husband : Oh, ok.


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The Iidabashi Japanese Language School motto is "Be Unique, Have fun Globally!" We teach classes focused on conversation skills to foreigners living in Japan.

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