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J&F House Osaka is the foremost, large-scale guesthouse in the Kansai area with a total of 91 rooms. The concept for J&F House is to be a place for international cultural exchange. Tenants come from many ethnicities and nationalities, including Europe, Asia, and of course from Japan. The chance to meet others from around the world and experience what is impossible by living in an average apartment is therefore a unique one.

One of the great aspects of life in a J&F House is the opportunity to get together with many other tenants on the weekend and enjoy eating different types of cuisine. Tenants plan several parties together and since there are many Japanese tenants as well, there is a convenient opportunity to learn and use Japanese in everyday life right on your doorstep. Even after you leave J&F House, friendships thats are formed from living together and the friends you have made in the house can and will continue.

It’s easy to kickstart your life in Japan with J&F House’s conveniently furnished rooms and free internet service. They also have private rooms to accommodate the lifestyle of those who value their space and privacy. Each room is provided with a desk, chair, bed, air conditioner, refrigerator, closet, curtains, and free internet service connection. There are 2 large TVs in the public area, there is a relaxation space, dining tables, a large kitchen, shower rooms, toilet rooms, laundry room, and many other facilities that are available to use 24 hours a day. There is also a women only floor and women only bathroom with an auto-locking door so female tenants can feel safe and secure.

The house is a 5-minute walk from the Osaka-shi Toei Subway Tanimachi Line’s “Kire-Uriwari” Station. You can easily take one line to reach Ten-no-ji Station which is 12 minutes away, and you can reach Higashi-Umeda in 25 minutes.

There is a large supermarket, shopping mall, 24-hour family restaurant, drug store, and convenience store all within a 5-minute walk from the house. There are also many stores that are open until after midnight, which makes it convenient to do shopping even if you come home late from work.

If you are interested in J&F House Osaka and have any questions or concerns or would just like to make a reservation to come and check out the house, get in contact us through the inquiry form below. You can even make reservations from outside of Japan.

Special Winter Discount Campaign in Action!

J&F Plaza is offering a discount of 5,000 yen off of the first month’s rent for new tenants moving into private rooms on the 1st or 2nd floor of J&F House Osaka between December 2012 and January 2013! For details on how to take advantage of this great offer, contact us at J&F Plaza!

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