Japanese Slang: “Imaichi いまいち”

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How to say “not quite” “not very good” “not-so- great” “not good enough”  “could be better” in Japanese?

→【Imaichi  いまいち】

“Imaichi” is another word for “imahitotsu (lacking something)”, and it expresses a feeling of lack towards a hope (desire), outcome, or circumstance.

Example 1) A conversation between friends:

A: Ano eiga, maamaa yokattane.  
B: Un maane, hanashi wa yokatta kedo haiyaku ga imaichi dattana.

A: That movie wasn’t too bad.
B: Yeah, I guess so. The plot was good, but the cast was so-so.

Example 2) A conversation between friends:

A: Kaze hiitetan datte?  Choushi wa dou?  Genki ni natta?  
B: Uun, imaichi.  Mada chotto atama ga itakute.

A: I heard you caught a cold? How are you feeling? Are you better?
B: Um, sort of. I still have a little head ache.

Example 3) A conversation between a superior and subordinate in a company:

Kouhai shain: XX san, sumimasen, imachotto ojikan yoroshii desuka?  
Senpai shain : Doushitano?  
Kouhai shain: Oisogashiitokoro sumimasen.  Jitsu wa kono tsukaikata o oshiete itadaki taindesu.  Setsumeisho o yondemo imaichi yoku wakaranakute.

Subordinate: Excuse me, Mr/Ms XX. Could I have a bit of your time?
Superior: What is it?
Subordinate: Sorry to bother you. Actually I wanted to ask if you can teach me how to use this thing. I read the instructions but I don’t quite get it.


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The Iidabashi Japanese Language School motto is "Be Unique, Have fun Globally!" We teach classes focused on conversation skills to foreigners living in Japan.

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