Hotel Graphy: A Boutique Guest House in Tokyo`s Literary Byways

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This boutique guest house, by Social Apartments, a company that have in just a few short years revolutionized Tokyo stays with their high-end, great value residences, embodies luxury hotel living and personalized apartment complex in a great value complex.


It’s location, close to Nezu in Tokyo`s Bunkyo-ward puts it in close proximity to major transport hubs (Ueno Station) and in the same area of Ueno Park, Tokyo University and the rather elegant Nezu Temple. The area was one loved by such Japanese cultural figures as Mori Ogai and Natsume Soseki.

Amenities are shared with other residents and so there is often people to meet in the kitchen or common areas when relaxing in the evening. You get your own private room but in the same complex you can find a fitness studio, play room, lounges, gallery space, beauty rooms and a rooftop terrace with 360 degree view over Ueno Park.


If you want to meet up and start spending time with people of the area and learn some local Tokyo knowledge then various events are arranged that bring the residents together including cooking, exhibitions, schools, seminars and parties. Of course, your own privacy is very much respected when you need it too.

The building itself has just re-opened after a gorgeous refit and if you book now stays can be arranged for as short a time as one night, to monthly and onwards with irregular use throughout the year also an option. With a 2 year contract, you can stay in the room from ¥86,000 / month with the same facilities you would find in business hotel.

Bonus for GaijinPot readers!

Apply using the contact form below and agree to visit Hotel Graphy on one of its sneak-preview days (16th / 17th, Feb 2013) and the ¥52,500 membership fee is waived. Inquiries made below are also able to take advantage of the special discount package, making the Hotel Graphy available for 7 nights, 8 days at just 21,000 yen! The offer is valid till end of March 2013.

Regular Pricing

Residential*: 3 months ~ ¥93,000~129,000 / month(Popular price range:¥100,000/month

★ Separate utility fees occurred

☆ Discount Terms: ・1 year plan discounted for 6,000 yen /month *If the contract has been withdrawn within 1 year, 1month penalty fee will be charged. ・2 year plan discounted for 12,000yen /month *If the contract has been withdrawn within 2 year, 2months penalty fee will be charged.

Cloud*: Irregular stays 4nights 18,000yen 8nights 29,000yen 12nights 39,000yen

Hotel*: From 1 night ~ A 1night 7,200yen (Large discount will be applied regard to the weekly, and monthly) B 1night 7,900yen C 1night 12,800yen

NOTE: 52,500yen required as a member ship fee as an initial cost of stay. (Members only hotel)

Access: 3 mins walk from Nezu station Metro Chiyoda line 14mins walk from Ueno station JR line


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