Japanese Slang: “Bibiru ビビる”

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【Bibiru  ビビる】


① to feel nervously afraid or daunted

② also used with the meaning “to be surprised or frightened”








①(shitashi senpai shain ni hanasu toki)

Ashita jyuyou na kaigi de happyou surukara, chotto bibitte masu.

②(Tomodachi doushi no kaiwa)

A:Kinou no jishin ohkikatta yone.

B:Un, chotto bibitta.


English Translation:


① (when speaking with a close senior employee)

I’m a bit nervous because I am presenting at an important meeting tomorrow.

② (conversation between friends)

A: Yesterday’s earthquake was big, don’t you think?

B: Yeah, I was a bit scared.


This word gives a casual impression, so it is often used when speaking with friends, family, or people to whom one is close. It sounds unrefined when used by an adult woman, so here it is better to say, “I am feeling anxious” (“fuan desu”) in case ① or “I was startled” (“bikkuri shimashita”) or “I felt flustered” (“aserimashita”) in case ②.



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