Shared housing on a bigger scale in Tokyo

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Folks in Tokyo who are after a more social living experience than that offered by the standard apartment block layout of most big-city homes, have taken to shared housing with gusto and the lifestyle shows no signs of abating. More and more young people are moving to Tokyo and the format is morphing to adapt. Shared Design is a company has led the way in serving them, with its new residence `Share Vie Mizue` it has taken with shared housing and ramped up the scale to a communal residence capable of housing 85 rooms.

Share Vie Mizue is located near the Mizue station in the east of Koto-ku.To get there, you can take Tokyo Metro Shinjuku line which run straight across Tokyo to Motoyawata (Chiba Prefecture). Mizue is not a big station but convenient for people based in the east side of Tokyo, and also for those who enjoy spending weekends in the many parks available in the town.


The building has a massive lounge big enough to have all residents hang-out together, while for privacy, each unit comes with its own bathroom. The total of 85 units in the build- ing sounds like a large impersonal scale, but there is a constant stream of ideas and activ- ities launching to make sure people have a relaxed opened space living room, cafe style kitchen space with bakery facilities and if required, shared office space.


The project will be completed in March 2013. Fill out the form below to find out more or visit them online at


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