Is a Pet a Member of the Family?

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Is a Pet a Member of the Family?


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The pet boom continues in Japan. Dogs used to be kept to guard the house, and cats to catch mice. However, these days they are treated like children: they have their bodies washed in the bath and are given outfits to wear by their owners.


Owners out walking with their dogs is a common sight. Every owner brings such items with him as a plastic carrier bag or pooper scooper. They do this in order to clean up after their dog when it poops.


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In this respect, house cats are easier for owners to keep, as they are trained to do their business in the same place. Because of that, one of my friends, a certain N-san, keeps a cat, but he spoiled his cat rotten. This round fat cat does just as he pleases in the house.



However, one day the cat suddenly disappeared. N’s family searched here and there, but could not find him. Worried, N turned to a company that specialized in searching for cats. They posted his photo up on telephone poles around the area and searched for five days in places a cat might stay.


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The fee was 50,000 yen. Even so, they could not find the cat. N’s family members were depressed. Some time later the cat returned home unexpectedly. He had lost so much weight that he looked like a different cat. But the N family was very happy.



Back home, the cat is back to behaving just as he pleases. The N family does not understand why he left home. So they take care of him even better than before so as not to hurt his feelings. Before him they look just like the servants of a king.


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