How to answer a question:どこが好き?

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“Doko ga suki?” “What do you like about…?”

It has been 3 months since you started going out together, and your cute Japanese girlfriend/boyfriend asks you “Watashi/Boku no doko ga suki? What do you like about me?” “Don’na tokoro ga iino?  What are the best things about me?” How would you respond? “Your eyes?” “Your hair?” Or…?

“Doko” and “Don’na tokoro” in this case do not actually refer to a physical part or area of the body. The question is actually closer to the word “why”? That is to say, they would like to know why you like them; they want to know the reasons and the main characteristics that you like about them.

So, rather than answers with a specific physical attribute such as “face,” “hair,” or “bum,” (although of course it is also possible that some people do expect that type of answer), most people are probably expecting answers related to their personality such as “your kindness,” “how much fun we have together,” “how you laugh at my silly jokes,” etc.

If you keep this in mind, you might be able to prepare some smart answers to the question “Nihon no doko ga suki? What do you like about Japan?” (a question that is always asked when you meet Japanese people for the first time).


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