How to say “to cause trouble” or “break, break down (like with cars or computers)” in Japanese?

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【TORABURU  トラブる】

“to cause trouble” or “break down (like with cars or computers)”

“トラブる toraburu” is a Japanese verb written in katakana that formed from the English word “trouble”. There are many Japanese verbs that end in “る(ru)” in their dictionary forms (ru-verbs), and the noun “トラブル trouble” which was originally from English is now used as a verb in Japanese.

It means “to cause trouble” or “break down (like with cars or computers),” and now is a very common word that often is irreplaceable in Japanese.

It conjugates like a standard “ru-verb,” its forms are “トラブる toraburu,” “トラブらない toraburanai,” “トラブって torabutte,” and “トラブった torabutta.”

reibun 1 : deito no machiawase basho ni denwa ga kakattekita


kanojo: Moshi, moshi.
kare: A, moshi, moshi, oredakedo.
kanojyo: Un, doushitano.
kare: Shigoto de chotto torabuchatte. Ato ichijikan gurai kakari sou.
kanojyo: E, daijyoubu nano. Ma, kyou wa muri shinaide iiyo.
kare: Gomen, hontoni.

Example 1: Getting a phone call at a meeting place for a date

Girl: Hello?
Guy: Ah, hey, it’s me.
Girl: Hey, what’s up?
Guy: I’ve run into some trouble at work. Looks like it’ll be another hour or so.
Girl: Eh? Oh it’s fine. Don’t stress yourself out today.
Guy: I’m really sorry.

例文2 reibun2
Kousoku de kuruma ga torabutte, taihen deshita.

Example 2
The car broke down on the highway, it was pretty bad.


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