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OGAforAID is always thankful to all the volunteers that come out and help.  On this blog, we would like to not only update everyone on how OGAforAID is doing, but also turn the spot light to our wonderful volunteers! I hope our readers can see a glimpse of what our volunteers saw and felt through their experiences!


For our first segment, we would like to introduce Mr. Keigo Kumeta. Born in Shizuoka and raised in California, Keigo still feels strong ties to his Japanese roots.

Shortly after hearing about the tragedy that struck Tohoku in 2011, he has been eager to come to Japan as a volunteer and help in anyway he could. Unfortunately, his work did not allow him to do so until recently, but his persistence and selfless wish to help others finally led him to OGA for AID.

Keigo worked with us in the month of March. Helping victims in Minamisanriku and with projects like the Green Farmers Association. Passionate about making a difference, he has been a wonderful addition to our team.

We asked Keigo a few questions about his experience here.

What’s your most memorable experience onsite?

I got to hear and see what the media could not describe with words and graphics. The news and videos describe and show the big picture. Being here made me realize that every single person affected by the disaster is the victim. Not just the prefecture, not just the town, not just the businesses; it’s everyone and everything, from young to old, vegetables to pets.

Thoughts after being a volunteer

It’s been very interesting so far. It may be my first and only volunteer work; it may be my first of 30 more to come. It’s helping the people that are living here, but at the same time, it’s helping me grow as a person.

Keigo left us with a message for others who are thinking of volunteering.

It can be a once in a lifetime experience so I recommend everyone to come out and feel what these people are going through. I believe it will be a valuable lesson and you’ll be physically and mentally stronger even with couple days of volunteering. Also remember that it’s always never too late to lend a helping hand.

We’d like to thank Keigo for his wonderful work and for sharing his experience with us!

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