Useful Kanji: 右 Migi (right)/左 Hidari (left)

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【右 Migi (right)/左 Hidari (left)】

How many people have noticed the functionality and user friendliness of this sign?
As the text is only written in Japanese, it would seem likely that many people simply passed it by.

However, the stress of trying to part a sea of people packed inside a train to reach the doors on the other side can be reduced, simply by learning two characters: “右” (migi) and “左” (hidari). By looking at this sign, you can easily see on which side the doors of the train will open for each station.

In addition, the time required to your destination, the car number closest to the exits or most convenient for transfers, as well as the location of elevators or toilets are all clearly indicated here.
The wisdom of busy city dwellers who “just want to use time effectively!” has been condensed in this sign. Why not try using it, and experience what it means to be a “Tokyoite” for yourself?


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The Iidabashi Japanese Language School motto is "Be Unique, Have fun Globally!" We teach classes focused on conversation skills to foreigners living in Japan.

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