New Social Apartments in Omori and Denen-Chofu

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The Social Apartments concept is simple, take shared living in Tokyo and bring it up to a bright, networked 21st century standard. While old-form shared residences and guest houses in Japan provide a simple roof over your head for a small fee, Social Apartments delivers a high-quality living experience with facilities you would expect for the modern traveler.

They have just completed two brand new renovations in central Tokyo in time for summer movers, and each offers a fun, convenient, high-standard of living in the heart of the metropolis while all the while maintaining a friendly social environment for you to share the joys and sorrows of everyday life with.

Lets take a look.


The new Social Apartments Omori brings a touch of Californian lifestyle to Tokyo, with its decor, furnishings and lounge space all bringing a chilled out atmosphere across the common spaces.


The building has 26 units, 1 room style apartments with common bathrooms. The hub space for the resident community is the dining space where, with the lounge kitchen, there is plenty of space for big parties and special events. There’s also a box seat available in the corner so that you can focus on reading or studying when quieter times are called for.


Nearby a beach that is perfect for strolling along, picking shells and again escaping the cityscape. Close to that lies also the Ooi Racetrack, where major horse racing meets are held throughout the year. The night view from the roof top is another bonus.


Regular rent is from 73,000yen/month with discounts on offer for those who sign 1 year or 2 year contracts.


7 mins walk from Omori station(JR Keihin-Tohoku Line)
5 mins walk from Omori Kaigan station(Keihin Dentetsu Line)

☆1 month rent free campaign is currently active

The second new Social apartment lies in Denen-Chofu, Tokyo`s original garden city and a place where local planning laws preserve a town feel, with a focus on residential comfort, parks, open spaces and larger housing compared to other areas of Tokyo.


Denen-chofu was originally developed to be a privileged living space on the outskirts of Tokyo and to this day in continues to attract a number of executives and successful Tokyo society. Gingko trees are planted along the streets in the town and several schools are built along the Tokyu-Toyoko-line.



The Social Apartments building located here is 12 minutes walk from Denenchofu station and is close to Tamagawa station.

The facilities themselves combine a modern interior while respecting the original building and maintaining a natural place in the local area. It makes for a relaxed, gentle mix of old and new in a more human part of Tokyo.


You will find it difficult to find a room, with an interior this well-designed and an environment like that of Denen-Chofu within the 70-80,000yen range, and of course, renting your own apartment costs more still, especially with other living costs thrown in. Social Apartments is therefor a fantastic opportunity for those looking to stay in this area.



6 mins walk from *Tamagawa station(Tokyu Toyoko Line)
12 mins walk from Denen-Chofu station(Tokyu Toyoko Line)
*11 mins express train ride will take you to Shibuya from Tamagawa station.

☆1 month rent free campaign is running for foreign tenants.

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