60 Second Stories: Ladies Tell Us Your Story!

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Expat Ladies. We want you.

Quick math: Foreigners in Japan make up about two percent of the population. The Western percentage makes up about half of that two percent. The female population of that Western figure is about thirty percent of that one percent, which means… there are about twelve of us here. You should also know that I hate math.

Moving to Japan can be tough on a girl- no question. People are genuinely surprised to see us. The number one question? “Why are you here?” Guys ask me, my students ask me, and I know they’re asking you too.

So, why are you here?

Expat Chat GaijinPot

We want to hear your story. Yes, we ask bloggers to write lifestyle pieces, but if you have a personal story that can help the rest of us, let’s get it out there. You might be asking yourself why you should bother…

1) If selected, your article will be socialized out the wahzoo across the GaijinPot universe.
2) You’ll get a blog plug.
3) You’re helping to build a community for what is likely the smallest minority in the country, which also  happens to be the minority who could it the most.

Here’s what we’re looking for: in less than 300 words tell us:

  • What’s surprised you the most about moving here?
  • What was the one thing no one told you about, despite all the research you did before coming over?
  • What’s the most positive experience you’ve had since being here?
  • What have you learned about yourself since moving here?
  • If you have one piece of advice for a woman thinking about coming over, what is it?

Expat moms, hostesses, start-up business owners, students, over-educated/unemployed girlfriends… we welcome you all and will respect your privacy if you’d like to post under a pen name.

Here’s what we’re not looking for:

Grumpy. We’re allergic to Haterade at GPHQ. And there are enough JP forums full of unhappy people that feed the typical, tired stereotypes from 1985. You can rant… just make it haha ranting, not bitter ranting.

Commercials. If you want to advertise with us, awesome!…contact our ad department, this feature is about you, not your business.

Cut and Paste. Make your story your own. Use real words– just talk to us. And submit photos that are yours, or you have the right to use.

Send your stories to blog@gaijinpot.com. If we choose yours, we’ll contact you, so be ready.

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