How to say “mama’s boy” in Japanese?

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【Mazakon マザコン】

“Mazakon” is a Japanese word constructed from English which is short for “mother complex.” In addition to meaning “inferiority complex,” “complex” also signifies “dependency” and “attachment.” In other words, “mother complex” means that a person has a strong attachment to his mother.
Beyond that the meaning is broad, and “mazakon” is used mainly to refer to the following kinds of people.
1. A person who is spoiled by his mother and cannot gain independence from his parents.
2. A person who cannot stand up to his mother and does whatever he is told.
3. A person who wants his female love interests to look like his mother.
4. A person who has romantic feelings toward older women who are close to his mother’s age.

Incidentally, the term “mother complex” itself was invented by the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939).


【Jyosei no tomodachi doushi no kaiwa】
 A:Uchino danna, itsumo jibun no hahaoya no mikata bakkari nano.
   Gambatte gohan o tsukutte agetemo, itsumo “okaasan ga tsukutta houga oishii”tte.
 B:Eee! Sorewa atama ni kurune.
 A:Deshou? Mou kanzen ni mazakon dayo!
Conversation between female friends:
A: My husband always takes his mother’s side in everything.
Even though I try hard to cook food for him, he always says that his mother’s cooking tastes better. It really makes me mad!!
B: Wow, that must drive you crazy.
A: You see? He has a total mazakon!


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The Iidabashi Japanese Language School motto is "Be Unique, Have fun Globally!" We teach classes focused on conversation skills to foreigners living in Japan.

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