How to say “serious ” “seriously” in Japanese?

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【Gachi(de)   ガチ(で)】

“Gachi” is a short form of “gachinko.” The etymology of “gachinko” is said to be the sound (“gatsun”) of two sumo wrestlers clashing violently on the arena. Originally, it meant a “serious match” and “heated battle.” “Gachi” recently replaced “maji” (= “in earnest” and “seriously”) which had been used colloquially, and gained popularity among young people (especially in their 10’s and 20’s).

“Being on a gachi diet” means “being on a diet seriously.”
“Having a gachi match” means “having a battle seriously.”



1. Wakai dansei doushi no kaiwa.
A:Ima nan ji?
B:3 ji.
A:Uwa, yabee(=yabai)! Isoganee(=Isoganai )to gachi de okureru!
B:Nani? Korekara nani ga aruno?
A:Kanojo to deeto! Konoaida chikoku shitara, gachi de kirerareta.

2. Koibito doushi no kaiwa.
Man:Okurete gomen!
Woman:Mou, osoi yo! Gachi de. Honto kanben shiteyo.
Man:Honto ni gomen!! Kyou wa yakiniku ogoru kara sa.
Woman:Touzen desho!

English Translation:

1) [Conversation between young males]
A: What time is it now?
B: 3 o’clock.
A: Yikes, yabee (= yabai = dang)! Isoganeeto (= isoganaito = I gotta run, otherwise) I’ll be gachi late!
B: What? You’ve got an appointment or something?
A: Got a date with my chick! The last time when I was late, she got gachi angry.

Example 2) [Conversation between lovers]
Male: Sorry, I’m late!
Female: Yep, you’re gachi late! I can’t take it any more.
Male: My apologies, really!! Tonight’s barbecue is on me.
Female: It’s better be!


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