New Social Apartments opened in July – Komae and Urayasu

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It`s getting harder and harder to ignore the variety and colour that share houses in Tokyo offer, especially when compared to the expensive box apartments that a lot of people settle for when moving to the city. Social Apartments is a company that has several forms of apartment complexes built in this way, located throughout the metropolis. On average contracts are up to 2 years in length, but with high-quality interiors and comfortable living, each one offers benefits beyond what regular accommodation provides and the possibilities offered up by the social areas make your home in Japan just that bit more interesting.


This one is located in Komae, close to Setagaya ward. Komae is the smallest city in Tokyo, but despite that it still packs in plenty of attractions – its location close to the Tama-River has made it a popular location for film production crews, who film a lot of Japanese movies and TV drama serials in the area.


The interior of this complex has a north european theme with warm wooden floors and a brick wall in the 50m² large common room lounge space. Box seats have also been placed where you can focus on your studies or work.


As with other Social Apartment buildings, the building has a fitness gym, so you can plan your exercise schedule without signing up the local gym.

In total there are 42 units with their own bathroom(Bathtub and toilet are in the same space.) Most of the building consists of 1K units (1 bedroom and small kitchen) with the addition of a few 1LDK units (1 bedroom and the living & dining), so make sure you specify which one is for you when inquiring.


Komae connects to Shinjuku in 21 mins, and Shimokitazawa in 15mins by train so it is a conveni- ent location for folks who work or hangout in central or west Tokyo. Although it takes 15 mins from Komae station to the building, you will walk thorough the cherry tree street on the way or take a bus to the station.

Rental Fee: ¥59,000 ~ ¥75,000/month
Maintenance Fee: ¥10,000/month (Utility fee is separate)
Renovated: June 2013

Another new Social Apartments complex is located in Urayasu, to the east of Tokyo and just inside Chiba Prefecture.


Urayasu is famous as the home of Tokyo Disney Land, which, aside from attracting millions of visit- ors a year also makes the area easily accessible from central Tokyo, with, for example a ride to Otemachi station only 17 mins away.

At Social Apartments Urayasu all units are 1K size (1bedroom with a small kitchen space) so you will be able to choose to eat in your room or in the common lounge area.


The lounge space itself has 50m² of space with a sharp, modern design. On the 4th floor there’s a roof top balcony where you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree and get a view overlooking the city. The building itself is located in an area with mostly residential houses, making it a safe and quiet environment in which to live.


During the Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster the area around Urayasu was effected by rising water, however the area where the building stands is not a landfill site and was not affected by the quake.


Rental Fee: ¥53,000 ~ ¥63,000/month
Maintenance Fee: ¥10,000/month (Utility fee is separate)
Renovated: June 2013

*1 month rent free campaign is running for foreign tenants.

Both apartments is offering discounts for long-term stay of more than 1 or 2 years :
1 year stay ¥4,000/month off from the regular rent
2 year stay ¥8,000/month off from the regular rent

Inquire below for more details and to arrange your room.

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