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This one’s for you, savvy interweb lady.

Are you sure Ryan Gosling? OPI is ¥2100 here.

Are you sure Ryan Gosling? OPI is ¥2100 here.

If you don’t love the Ryan memes I can’t help you. But I know someone who can help you with your hands if your too lazy to do your mani yourself, or you suck at it, which is okay. I would never judge you. Neither would Ryan. And neither would Nail Quick.

Nail Quick

 Here’s what’s cool about Nail Quick:

  • They have an English website for the new kids who can’t speaky the Nihongo yet.
  • They have 71 locations.
  • They have an online appointment system! What what?
  • They do a fantastic basic mani for 2500 yen. This doesn’t include color, it’s 3700 with color, but I just did mine when I got home. Tip: Sheer, light summer colors are pretty hard to screw up.
  • They DO take walk-ins (if they can)
Hey girl3

Thanks babe. <3

 Here’s what’s kind of a drag about Nail Quick:

  • It takes an hour. Yes they do an amazing job, but that’s a long mani in my book. I had to catch a train so I was pushing it big time, but I was having hand issues that day so I did it. If you have the time and like the long treatment… awesome.
  • It’s still over twice the price of what I’m used to paying. I know, I need to get over it. This will be a semi-regular thing and I’ll have to do my ¥100 cheapo maintenance anyway.
  • Be sure to take your polish off before you go. They charge ¥315 just for polish removal. I hereby name it Lazy Tax. Sigh.
I just did a basic but they can do the crazy stuff, no prob.

I just did a basic but they can do the crazy stuff, no prob.

Some places do pedis too, but check ahead of time to make sure they’re equipped for you. I strolled in to the one at Matsudo Station in Chiba. It’s small- just three stations for manis only, but perfect for a quick finger fix.

hey girl2

With loads of locations, a foreigner-friendly interface, and the level of service you’d expect in Japan, add this link to your Hey Girl Maintenance bookmarks. Ryan would go with you if he could.

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