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Does one month of free rent in a newly reformed, fully furnished, modern and stylish shared apartments in one of three popular Tokyo locations tempt you away from doing it all by yourself?

Taking one of Tokyo`s many dowdy, backstreet apartments to save money can help you get by in the city, but shared living helps you spread some of the challenges of living in the capital while also benefiting from modern, well-furnished facilities, in close proximity to other people from both Japan and abroad. It also provides an introduction into social events and the information you need to get by.

Shared living has for a while now been one of the most popular choices for Tokyo`s young professionals and in the world of shared living in Tokyo, it is Social Apartments that is leading the way by providing high-quality facilities in convenient locations.

Currently three Social Apartments we take a look at here, have special discount term for foreign applicants.


J-AMS Court Asakusa represents “Japanese modern”. As soon as you step into the entrance, there’s a pool table / lounge awaiting you. BOSE 5.1 speakers are installed in the lounge, and a tatami space is ready for all residents who wish to relax with good music.


A rooftop garden offers residents great views, especially of the annual Sumida River Fireworks Festival. Tokyo Sky Tree is also close by, so you have a great view of the city`s newest landmark and the modern center of this part of Tokyo.


Female residents also benefit with beauty spa facilities that include a massage sofa, foot massager, facial steamer, music and more.

Asakusa itself is a major tourist attraction as one of the last remaining parts of old Tokyo. The nearby Sky Tree is intended to bring a modern renaissance to the area but it is the compact, friendly and familiar streets of old that give the place its own atmosphere.



If you’re looking for a place in the city that still retains a foot in nature, Social Apartment Aobadai allows you to do just that while not sacrificing the convenience of living in the metropolis.

Aobadai – literary “green leaf hill,” was specifically designed to bring the people of Tokyo together with the countryside. It sits on the Denentoshi line which departs from Shibuya and along its route includes fashionable spots such as Daikanyama and Futako-Tamagawa, with the leafy, quiet suburban streets, home to fashionable boutiques, cafes and parks.


Aobadai apartment has the largest ratio of foreign residents among all other Social Apartments. It’s the best environment for those who are coming to Japan for the first time and unfamiliar with the Japanese lifestyle and community. Likewise, the Japanese residents in their apartment appreciate the mix of cultures and languages.

All units have 1 room type including the kitchen and own bathroom, and of course, you are always welcome at the common lounge if you’d like to chat with people.

If you’d like to see what it is like, Social Apartments welcome you for a viewing if you book in advance.



J-AMS Court Shinkawasaki, located just outside of Tokyo but a quick train journey to major downtown areas, has 19 units in total. The residence, located in Kawasaki, is considered a small-medium sized social apartment block.

kawasaki 1

From Shinkawasaki, you can be in Shibuya in 18 minutes, Shinjuku in 24 minutes and Yokohama in just 9 minutes. If you take another JR line (JR Yokosuka line), you will get to Shinagawa, and Tokyo Station area within 20 minutes. From the bus stop in front of this apartment, you can also get to the Motosumiyoshi station of Toyoko line.

kawasaki 2

This 19-unit residence offers a simple but cosy living space where residents can relax and dine in comfort. A wood-deck with cafe tables provides extra space for residents, in addition to the regular common lounge. Also, the rooftop garden provides you the unique experience to grow herbs and vegetables just for your own use.

kawasaki 3

For those who love countryside life in the growing city, this apartment offers you what you are looking for.

Inquire below for more details and to arrange your room.
*1 month rent free campaign for foreign residents of Japan.

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