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Japan is known as the land of the mobile phone. With more mobile phones than people Japan is perhaps the most saturated of phone markets on the planet. Japan is also known for fantastic customer service. With this being the case the question that begs to be answered is: Why is it so hard to get a mobile phone?

Let’s face it; you need a mobile phone if you are going to live in Japan. Besides for all of the neat features such as access to translation applications, maps, navigation, train routes, and GPS powered delivery from Domino’s Pizza to name a few, you just need a mobile phone. Have you ever told a friend that you are going to meet them at Shibuya Station? Good luck. You are still going to be calling each other to find each other. With mobile phone retailers on every corner and several service providers to choose from one would think that getting yourself a mobile phone would be as simple as walking into a shop with a fist full of money. As anyone who has tried to get a phone can tell you, it is no simple matter, and some options that you would expect, such as a pre-paid phone, is just not available in Japan.

Friends and coworkers in Japan have traditionally bore the brunt of the responsibility for helping to get you that all important first phone, from helping find out what documents you will need to acting as an interpreter to understand what the different plans mean. Now, one needs not look any further than the Internet. Village Co. Ltd has a helpful service for foreigners trying to get a new phone.

Village is an “AU” sales representative (caries both iPhone and Android) that has created a website that provides all the information you will need to get yourself set up with a new phone…in English. In addition to step-by-step instructions you can also book an appointment at one of their locations to get yourself that new phone. The Village procedure has been streamlined with the non-Japanese customer in mind, and even has a mobile phone retailer in California, so they understand your language, the difference between getting a phone overseas and in Japan, and can make the procedure as easy as possible.

There is a simple reservation page on the Village website along with easy to follow advice on exactly what you need to prepare when starting a new phone contract. After that you simply need to show up at one of their branches and hand everything in.

Village has a special offer whereas any new user will get ¥5000 cash back once they have completed a their contract with Village.

Streamlined enrolment procedures, cash back and multiple language support are a few of the many reasons you may like to contact village when you are looking for that new mobile phone.

Have a look at their website and see how easy it is.

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  • mei3ss says:

    The 2 year contract can be really annoying. But if you opt for the right plan … And MNP you can usually cover all the cancelation fees and then some. It’s a huge loop hole everyone is taking advantage of.


  • zoomingjapan says:

    I never found it very difficult to get a phone in Japan.
    The only thing (apart from how expensive the plans are) that annoys me are those 2-years commitments that come with each contract.
    This time I bought my phone online, signed up for a plan, but without the 2-years commitment. Eventually it’s more expensive, but for foreigners who don’t know if they’ll still be here 2 years from now, that’s the better solution.