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For a lot of young people moving to Tokyo, shared housing is becoming the de facto choice when it comes to selecting a place to live. And in the world of Tokyo shared housing, there is one company that is leading the way, Social Apartments.

The company is well-known for offering a shared-living experience that offers great value while offering residents a lot more.

Facilities are all new, clean and well looked-after, with a specific focus on bringing people together in a cool, clean and modern living space. Now Social Apartment have opened a unique residence called “World Neighbors Gokokuji” that includes a stylish cafe on the first floor.



This new social apartment residence, located in Gokokji allows for flexible accommodation styles with stays for as little as one month available.

The town of Gokokuji itself is known as an academic city where many significant learning institutions have their campus, and is a preferred choice of those seeking a safe & quiet living sphere.

The building is located about 5mins walk from both “Gokokuji” station on the Yurakucho line and “Shin-Otsuka” on the Marunouchi line. Access to all the hub stations in Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Marunouchi are all within 20mins reach by train.



The 1st floor is home to a café space called “World Neighbors Cafe” that is open to not only residents and their friends, but also locals, who drop by at times for a coffee and some cake. World Neighbors Cafe offers a great range of other food and drink as well as warm hospitality at wallet-friendly prices.

Choosing where to live in Tokyo is always a trade off, but having a great cafe / chill out place nearby is one thing to look for and Social Apartment puts one right under your room.

The rooms themselves come with wash basins and furnitures such as a bed, a desk, a chair, a refrigerator, a closet and air-conditioner. Plus, as a really special added bonus, these apartments include 15,000 yen worth of credit (monthly) for cafe meals.

Of course, there’s a common kitchen space for your own cooking use as well, this comes with a brand new Le Cruise cooking ware, available for everyone.

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Monthly rent fee is from 80,000yen (Maintenance fee and utility fees are separated.) One of the benefit of choosing Social Apartment is that you can save initial costs such as key money and agency fee which usually are charged in addition to the initial monthly fee when renting a regular apartment unit in Japan.


Special Campaign

For readers, there is a special campaign you can take advantage of. By taking a 1-month trial stay, you can stay at World Neighbors Gokokuji for just 30,000 yen all inclusive (utility and 15,000 café credit) which makes it almost free to stay on a net rent basis. This campaign is for the first month only, after that the full price must be paid if you to choose to continue residing there.

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