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Tachikawa has long been a location which sits under the radar for many foreigners who move to Tokyo, but there is plenty going on here to make this a great home away from home. Starting this September, the area will have a new Social Apartments complex to consider – christened ‘Neighbors Tachikawa’ – this is shared living in an upmarket apartment complex that features a sleek, modern interior design, a great community and, unique to this facility, free access to a bakery and cafe/bar combo by the famous Omotesando bakers, BREAD, ESPRESSO &.


Now open for rental reservations, stays can be booked from a few months to a full 2-year contract. For those who move in, you get the traditional Social Apartments experience – modern, clean, high-quality and well-served modern shared apartments, with your own private room in a local community of Japanese and international residents. Shared facilities include a sleek, large open-plan kitchen, lounges and the aforementioned Bread, Espresso &.


This bakery, an expansion of a popular eatery that started out in a quiet side street off Omotesando, offers a spin on the traditional bread shop – serving up fresh-baked savouries with great tasting espresso. It has grown a dedicated Japanese following and residents who take a place at Neighbors Tachikawa get daily access through one of their lounges and can eat for free up to the value of 12,000 yen per month.

There is always something you have to give up when choosing where to live in Tokyo, but having a famous eatery almost literally on your doorstep is a pretty big gain for your lifestyle while in the big city.


While facilities such as laundry, kitchen, living rooms and lounges are shared, you will get your own private room. This will come with an air-con unit and closet, but you will need to supply your own furniture. Social Apartments include furniture lease for an extra-fee, so if you do not have any of your own or you do not want to arrange it all yourself, there is an east option available at a reasonable monthly rate.


The city of Tachikawa itself is a quick 40-minute train ride from the centre of Tokyo. Once home to Tokyo Airfield, the area has long been an industrious and active place in its own right, making it somewhat of a mini-Tokyo. Japan’s aircraft industry is deeply has routes here and its also the backup location for the Japanese government, should they ever need to leave downtown Tokyo for any reason.

The immediate station area is stock full with major outlets of Japan`s biggest department stores, an entertainment district and various bars and other spots for R&R.

Famous jazz club HALF TONE serves up great local and international jazz each night and for the daytime, the Showa Memorial Park is a beautiful spot with an 11-kilometer bike trail, an outdoor barbecue area and come December, Christmas illuminations.

Finally, for aficionados of traditional Japan, the honbu of Satojuku, a significant style of karate is located on the south side of the station.

Fill out the form below and a representative from Social Apartments will get in touch to discuss more and book you a room with a view.

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¥62,000~¥72,000 / month (Majority of rooms are ¥66,000/month)

*12,000 yen worth of café meals are included in the rental fee.

Special Offer

As an extra special to those reading this on, No key money will be required on taking a room, if you begin by inquiring using the form below.

There is also a trial stay available. You can reserve this between the 29th Nov (Sat) – 25th Dec (Thu) 2014. The cost will be ¥30,000 for (utility fees, room cleaning fees and 12,000yen cafe voucher are included.)

Note, to take this, there are a few things to remember.

※Social Apartments (the property manager) will require a ¥50,000 deposit (*Refunded upon moving out)

※The rooms are furnished (Bed, Fridge, Desk, Chair, Closet, Lighting, Curtain, Air-conditioner), but you will have to prepare your own bedding (linen, pillow, futon).

※Social Apartment will assess the eligibility of all applicants, and do not guarantee a place.

※You must attend one of the orientation events scheduled on either 29th Nov (11am) or 30th Nov (11am) 2014.

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