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I thought I could talk about how an American like me became an Akiba Idol not once but twice at DEAR STAGE (DIASUTEGI) in Akihabara! Akiba Idols are mostly artists that perform in Akihabara for Otaku, Anime, and all things Moe! The term Moe is described as the burning passion or desire or love for something, mostly in Akiba-related things such as Anime, Manga, Idols, etc. So I was contacted a few years back from to do an interview. And from there they booked my first show at Dear Stage where I was one of the first American idols to perform on an Akihabaran stage! The first show was such a success that it led me back to perform again at Dear Stage this past summer! The internet is an amazing thing huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

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Anyway, to perform at Dear Stage not once but twice was quite the honor. Dear Stage is a very unique venue that showcases Akiba Idols every night performing their own original songs as well as popular anime songs. The venue is about three floors. The first floor is where the stage is located. And there is a big glass window where people from the street can see into the show. And most times while people are watching the show from the street they decide to join in on the fun and will come running into the venue.

Another special uniqueness about Dear Stage is how the audience is very much involved with the show through Otagei! Otagei is the Otaku dance for idols where they showcase their love for the singers and the songs. Dear Stage is a great place to experience a true underground Akiba Scene with Otagei, Akiba Idols, and Moe foods such as pasta you really can’t go wrong! And if you are not able to get out to Akiba anytime soon you can watch this video from my most recent performance at Dear Stage with Otagei and all:

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