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February 3rd, 2010By Category: Shopping

Loft stores target homeowners and hobbyists and are a gift from the gods when it comes to hunting down cool things to decorate your home with. Inside you can find just about everything you will need, everything including kitchenware, furniture, home accessories, office supplies, stationery, stuff for kids and lots of excellent gift ideas. GaijinPot’s film crew went down to Loft with Kichijoji local Mirei-san to take a look at just some of whats on offer.

Loft Japan from GaijinPot on Vimeo.

Do pay a visit if you have the time. Loft in Tokyo can be found at Shibuya, Ikebukero, Marunouchi and a couple of places. Plenty more nationwide too.

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  • Tky123 says:

    I like your voice sounds really cute! =) Nice gizmos in that shop too, gonna check it out next time I see one.

  • stephanieyanez says:

    I am coming back to Tokyo in the summer so I will for sure check out Loft Japan!