Japan Archery and the Coming of Age Festival

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Tōshiya (通し矢), or passing of the arrows, is an archery event held on the second Sunday of January as part of the Coming of Age Festivities and sees guys and girls from all over Japan converge on the Sanjūsangen-dō Temple in Kyoto.

Participants have all turned 20 and as part of the events at the temple, shoot arrows into targets 60 meters away at the opposite end of a long range.  It i s also a great place to  see some amazing kimonos proudly on show!

Toh-shiya au Sanjusangen-do de Kyoto from Vincent Follézou on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Vincent Follézou for allowing us to use his video of the event. Check his amazing photos and videos of Japan at his personal site.

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  • John Doe says:

    That is so cool. Girls that are good at Kyudo automatically are twice as sexy as originally calculated. 😉