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Need to know more about what sort of apartments are available in Tokyo and what you can expect to find in them?

Depending on your budget you might want to consider serviced apartments.  This term covers furnished, self-contained apartments designed for both short-term and long-term stays, which provides plenty of amenities for daily use.  Take a look at some of the options open to those who stay in Tokyo.

Apartments in Tokyo from GaijinPot on Vimeo.

First Apartment: Space Design

Second Apartment: Mori Building

Third Apartment: Oakwood Asia

GaijinPot Apartments also include rentals, guest houses and apartments in Japan. Would you like to see more of these videos? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • mono_locco says:

    lol this video is funny…. what they don't tell people who are coming here to Japan with just a limited amount of cash in their pockets is how expensive it is to live in the “Middle of Tokyo” ^^
    you are looking at around $1000 AUS dollars like about $905 US Dollars (for a room smaller than what you would get in Australia or the States) a week.
    I would suggest to either find a share house through websites like here at Gaijinpot or go to a Sakura House (if you don't mind sharing and if you don't mind people being sometimes dirty or loud).
    I would recommend looking around for real states that have discounts like Leopalace21. Sometimes they have 20 or 30 % discount for long term contracts of places that have not been rented for a while because they are like 30- 40 mins away from tokyo by train. If you don't mind travelling that much (which most people don't) i would recommend living a little further away from tokyo as it will be much cheaper for you in the end ^^.

  • Don't we all… I'd be happy with just an interview or two…

  • LOL says:


  • Margie says:

    Hi..would like to have a connection in japan,would you help me with our business,so we can both have an income?

  • jenny says:

    please do make more videos like this!
    i personally would like to know more about accommodation choices available in japan. for example, hostels, ryokans, weekly mansions, etc.