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July 5th, 2010By Category: Starting a Business

Sony / Flikr

Under new government requirements, aimed at boosting corporate openness, Japanese listed companies now have to disclose the pay of executives who received 100 million yen ($1 million) or more as part of their year-end of financial year AGMs. In FY2010 the highest salary in Japan went to Brazilian-born Frenchman Carlos Ghosn, President of Nissan Motor Co. His take home? A cool 890 million yen.

Closely behind in number 2 was another foreigner, British-born American, Sir Howard Stringer.  Number 4 on the list was Alan MacKenzie of Takeda Pharmaceutical, himself pulling in 553 million yen. Dai Nippon Printing Co. President Yoshitoshi Kitajima ranked third, the highest among Japanese executives, receiving 787 million yen in the last year.

For those a little further down the payment structure, Nesyu Labor reports the average salary in Japan as 4.3million yen (or roughly $49,000) per year. They list the highest paid professionals in Japan as pilots, doctors and university professors – each earning over 10 million yen per year with the lowest being shop assistant and service industry staff.

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  • Landquest says:

    The solution here is adoption. We need more lonely, rich old Japanese couples adopting foreigners in their 20’s and letting them crash at their house while working their low paid Gaijin Pot jobs.

  • Hekye says:

    Look at the full list:
    2 are from nissan(a half japanese half french company actually)
    1 from takeda america
    1 from agonizing sony….
    they are actually exceptions in companies facing serious problems.Look at the others

  • Joey Snow says:

    Better yet, lets pay them more! Is 400 times the average worker's salary enough for them? Lets salute them and pay them more when their GD stock lost half its value. I don't give a crap about their nationality, pay them for performance. This whole new paradigm of salaries is a joke, these guys make so much money its insane, even when their stock and earnings plummet. Screw tolerance and respect, what they make is absolutely shameful, especially when everyone else can't rub two sticks together. Look at those Gaijin Pot jobs' salaries, one person can't even live on what they pay.

  • tokyolily says:

    As someone whose Sony stock has declined in value by about Y1,000,000, I very much resent Sir Stringer's salary. He should not be paid so well until the company's overall financial health is restored.

  • Carter says:

    Another foreigner? Great tone in the article – if the top slots were filled by (Japanese) people who were more able than Ghosn or Stringer, would the article have been written? Of course not. Perhaps the reason the two highest earning executives are foreign is due to their experience and open minded-ness, not their nationality. Plenty of Japanese businesses earning their money abroad, no different here. A little more international awareness, tolerance and respect would be nice in these articles, or maybe that is just wishful thinking?

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