J-Seed Ventures launches business incubator Venture Generation

March 26th, 2012By Category: Starting a Business

Tokyo, Japan, March 26th, 2012 – In response to the increasing demand from entrepreneurs, J-Seed Ventures, Inc. announced the launch of a new international business incubator in Tokyo, called Venture Generation. Targeting early-stage Japanese ventures and foreign companies entering the Japanese market, the Venture Generation incubation center will provide a platform from which these companies can achieve their growth goals much faster than they would on their own. Venture Generation will also offer features that are not present in other business incubators.

Located near Tokyo Station in central Tokyo, Venture Generation is a co-working office environment, providing space at low monthly cost for companies that do not yet have significant cash flow or which are trying to minimize their start-up costs. The facility has dedicated, furnished workstations, meeting rooms, wi-fi, and office equipment. Entrepreneurs will find that their basic infrastructure needs are taken care of without the need to invest large amounts of time or money. The central location will allow companies fast access to most of Tokyo’s main business districts.

There is a new element that distinguishes Venture Generation from other incubators that already exist in the market. More important than the physical facilities or location is the large team of venture advisors who have already agreed to provide assistance free of charge to Venture Generation member companies. This team of venture advisors, including lawyers, company presidents, and successful entrepreneurs, will serve as a source of “intellectual capital” for young organizations where access to experienced advisors can mean the difference between success and failure. The founders of Venture Generation emphasize that this is a key element that has been lacking in most business incubators so far.


The venture advisors won’t merely be an ‘on-paper’ advisory board, but will have a physical presence inside the Venture Generation facility itself, allowing member companies direct personal access when they need help with their business problems. The advisors recruited so far include both Japanese and foreign professionals, so that companies which aim to expand outside of the Japanese market will have sources of market insight that cover both the Japanese and foreign markets. Similarly, foreign companies entering the Japanese market will have access to English speaking advisors who can help them overcome common market entry problems.



Venture Generation will also provide on-site workshops, seminars and business-related events for members. The founders believe that these elements will combine to create an environment that will give a significant advantage to entrepreneurs who choose to join. These advantages will be large enough that Venture Generation will screen member companies to ensure that only firms with a high probability of success will become members.

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Location: Ishin Building, Yaesu 2-11-7, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0028
Size (space): two floors, 180 square meters total
Number of desks: 30 workstations
Meeting facilities: three conference rooms

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