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April 26th, 2010By Category: Teaching in Japan

The news of GEOS closing has thrown Japanese management into the news recently, especially in the foreign community.  On a slightly brighter note, the Sanno Institute of Management in Japan surveyed this year’s new graduates about their “Ideal Boss,” and what they look for in a manager. Results revealed that the majority of new male employees would like to have major leaguer Ichiro as their superior, while women would prefer actress Yuki Amami.

This is the second year Ichiro has topped the charts, while Amami jumped up from third last year. Number two on the men’s ranking was comedian Shinsuke Shimada. Yomiuri Giants manager Tatsunori Hara took third, and comedian George Tokoro was pushed down one spot to fourth. Up one rank in fifth place was actor Hiroshi Abe who we recently wrote about here. In second place on the women’s ranking was last year’s chart topper actress Miki Maya.

Actress Makiko Esumi took third, singer Akiko Wada came in fourth, up from the ninth spot last year. Actress Hiromi Kuroki jumped up from 13th last year to take fifth place in this year’s survey. Many men explained that they chose Ichiro as their most ideal boss because, “His manner and attitude would make for a good role model.” Amami was voted most ideal by women because, “She seems as if she would give good advice.” Who would be your ideal boss?

For Japan – who would be the best role-model aspiring managers should be following?

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  • What a great way to waste funds and time.

  • NoMoreEnglishTeachers says:

    This sounds like a survey conducted on little kids. Why don't they try to list different qualities then have the graduates choose. That way the results aren't based on who's the most popular star to these kids and more on the traits they desire. That way we get some real data out of this.


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