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September 5th, 2011By Category: Teaching in Japan

The market for English teachers is continually shifting – from the fall of the former eikaiwa giant Nova to the evolving tastes of Japanese students. To help you navigate these waters and keep moving forward, one of the best investments of your time is to obtain a certificate in teaching English to Japanese learners.

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) offers a certificate program in Teaching English to Japanese Learners that considers both western sensibilities and the needs of Japanese language learners. This program is designed for anyone who currently teaches English or plans to do so. You will learn the most effective language teaching practices, the latest theories about language learning and the most accurate ways to gauge language ability.

Here’s a brief interview with a student, Jocelyn Moncopa, who has been studying in the certificate program at TUJ for three months. She majored in secondary education at a university in the Philippines, and was scouted as a singer for shows in different places in Japan. Since arriving in Japan, she has had a career as a language translator and singer. Now she is eagerly learning practical techniques and the theoretical background of teaching English in order to pursue her goals.

Why do you want to study teaching English to Japanese learners?

I have taught English privately to some of my friends. I find teaching interesting in that it helps both other people and myself.

What did you find most useful or interesting in the course you’ve taken?

The course helped me develop the knowledge and skills I need. We had presentations and fun discussions in class. Working with classmates from various backgrounds helped increase my inner strength. Classmates were open-minded, and made me feel that they are my new family. Some of them are already professional teachers, and to share knowledge with each other was very stimulating. Reading assignments inspired me. And I never felt bored with the professor — who is tremendously knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor.

Tell us about your future goals.

I would love to teach English to Japanese learners, especially children. I don’t want to waste all the knowledge I’ve learned and later regret not using it. I’m hoping to have a chance to teach in a language school. I also plan to continue taking more courses at TUJ, because I believe it will bring positive changes in my life for the future.

“Learning and Teaching Vocabulary (12 Weeks)”, one of the core courses for the certificate in Teaching English to Japanese Learners, will be offered in the fall 2011 semester. (Tokyo only)

TUJ’s Continuing Education offers a wide range of non-credit courses in central Tokyo and Osaka in languages, academic skills, business, professional development training, and culture and the arts.
Fall 2011 semester starts on September 26 (Tokyo) and October 1 (Osaka), and the application deadlines are September 12 (Tokyo) and September 26 (Osaka).

Check out the courses and schedules now!
Tokyo http://www.tuj.ac.jp/newsite/main/cont-ed/courses/schedules.html
Osaka http://www.tuj.ac.jp/newsite/main/cont-ed/courses/schedules_osaka.html


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