How To Get An English Teaching Job In Japan

How To Get An English Teaching Job In Japan

Moving to Japan to work is a big step in anyone’s life and before making the move there is a lot of preparation and many questions that need to be addressed. The more you are prepared before you leave the better off you will be when you arrive.

This video series, produced by popular YouTube channel creator Rhyming Gaijin will cover all aspects of getting an English teaching job in Japan.

Getting There:

One of the best ways to ease your transition to living in Japan is to secure a job before you arrive. By putting your resume in the GaijinPot Job System you can schedule interviews in your home country to secure a job in Japan before you even get there!

Another popular option is to apply to the JET Programme to get an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) job. The Jet Programme is one of the harder programs to get accepted to but with over 4,000 participants representing 40 nations, it is the largest international exchange program in the world.

If you are a college student then studying abroad is another option. Many universities have study programs set up with schools in Japan that allow students to complete their degrees in Japan.

Be Prepared:

There are many options for getting to Japan but before you consider them you should ask yourself how prepared you are to work in Japan. One of the strictest requirements for getting a job in Japan is having a degree. While it is possible to find work even if you don’t have a degree as some employers will consider past work experience, to get a proper working visa requires a degree.

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  • Y8 says:

    I want to come Japan where the people can live in the hard condition and the good living condition, however being a an english teacher is very hard and i had to refuse it because my degree is not acepted. i’m so sad but i will come to here to visit my friends

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