Social Media Tips for Job Seekers in Japan

June 17th, 2013By Category: Teaching in Japan, Working in Japan

Social Media Tips for Getting a Job in Japan

Applying for jobs today is very easy compared to before because of several advances in technology. In this video, Rhyming Gaijin gives a few social media tips that could help set up your application and increase your chances of getting a teaching job in Japan.

Why should applicants be aware of the impact of social media on one’s chances of getting employed? Two words: background check. Since you’re applying for a teaching job, employers will find a way to look at your past records. We live today in a world where everything can be viewed with a click of a mouse, it would be very easy for employers to look you up online. They can check you up on Facebook, or any other social networking sites, aside from the resume you created and sent them for review.

When it comes to resume writing, it is important to be specific and truthful when it comes to all personal and professional information, even your cover letter. Make sure that the information that you put in your resume matches the information that you have posted to your social media profiles.

Another thing that must also be professional is your photo. Employers take your professional experiences and achievements into account, but they also need to know that you look presentable and professional, as this is a teaching job. It should also make a good impression, something that could add to the reasons for them to hire you.

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