Job Offer, Salary, Contract and Work Rules

July 8th, 2013By Category: Teaching in Japan, Working in Japan

Job Offer, Salary, Contract and Work Rules

Once you receive a job offer it is important to check the contract, especially when it comes to salary and working hours to make sure you have a thorough understanding on the terms and conditions.

Usually in Japan you get paid once per month and not every two weeks like is common in the US. Also some schools will require that you work two months before you get paid for the first months work.

If you have questions about payout and other benefits, it is best to ask them directly to avoid misunderstandings. Also in the contract, is the list of school rules and regulations, which your employers expect you to follow.

Remember, you are first and foremost, a teacher, and a role model to your students. Be professional and follow the rules as much as possible. The contract will also include all your responsibilities and tasks, information about paid holidays, vacations and other employment concerns.

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