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As the Japan Real Time blogs report,knowing what customers want is a good business practice, and as Japan prepares to welcome hundreds of thousands more visitors from overseas — particularly from Asia — travel-related businesses here should note that what one group of people want to get out of their time in Japan is a lot different from what another group want.

As part of the visa changes happening in Japan it has now become a lot easier for people from all over the world to make short trips – something that the government is encouraging by focusing on tourism to make up the shrinking population of local shoppers.

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So what does everyone want from their time in Japan? According to a survey by the National Tourism Agency, folks from China are after hot springs, shopping and food, in that order. Those from North America or western Europe however, come to Japan to access traditional sites with temples and shrines, as well as modern cultural landmarks of Akihabara and Shibuya.

Diving into further specifics, the differences in the survey show Asians are more attracted to Tokyo and Osaka and those from further afield to places such as Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima and more recently Mt. Koya in Wakayama.

The Japan Real Time blog quotes a spokesperson of the organization as saying that “Asians show their interests in Japan’s pioneering technology and modern culture. Meanwhile, westerners want to see traditional Japan.” This in turn influences what everybody spends their money on.

Positions in and around Japan’s tourism industry are starting to open up and some have already gone on to become quite famous. Others, such as what we have listed on GaijinPot jobs right now offer a good way to make use of conversationally Japanese ability or are looking for part-time positions around studies.

Enjoying your time in Japan is down to you and what you choose to do, to get the most out of it though it is best to have a firm plan in place.

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  • Termsingh says:

    you are in dream isn’t? don’t consider japan so sweet. It will suck your blood to last drop.

  • Jean8582002 says:

    looking for english speaking jobs in Japan, as I am looking to move to Japan soon. I know there is alot of English teacing jobs, but other than that, what about other industry? I can speak English and Mandarin, learning abit of Japanese now, but I don't have yet a degree so I wonder how easy is to get a casual job in Japan. Would they consider sponsor me Visa even? Pls help. Tks