Japanese companies building growth on deals with foreigners

July 29th, 2010By Category: Work Tips

With the recent announcement of a tie-up between Japan’s number Internet one portal Yahoo! Japan and world leader Google, a leading Japanese company has stacked up another deal with a US company that sees technology and expertise brought into Japan and new opportunities created as a result.

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Another example of this taking place is in the success of iPhone and iPad. It was Softbank that convinced Apple to add Japanese aspects such as emoji to the devices, and it was Softbank which handled a large amount of the Japanese promotion and marketing. Unlike in the US, where Apple ads focuses exclusively on the brand value, Softbank took the time to paint iPhone as a convenient, versatile and valuable hand-held computer – an effort which culminated in ads featuring Smap playing with apps:

In the case of Yahoo and Softbank, both of which are headed by Masayoshi Son, a company which previously focused exclusively on the domestic market was able to leapfrog its larger rivals such as NTT by broadening its perspective outside of national borders.

Other companies that have been doing likewise include, Uniqlo, Lawson, Nippon Sheet Glass, Sega and Rakuten. Yahoo! Japan itself was created through a deal between Yahoo of the US and Softbank – and the brand’s continued success after it’s US parent lost eyeballs and began a downward spiral is testament to the opportunities that exist around the edges of Japan’s corporate system. Another such example would be Sega, a former rocket of the bubble era that was all but dead and buried by 2000, only to come back, first with local financing and then on to a new, globally minded strategy.

Opportunities continue to evolve in Japan, over the coming weeks and months you will see the jobs listed on GaijinPot evolve with them. Keep checking to see what comes up.

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