1 in 10 Japanese firms headed by woman

November 10th, 2010By Category: Work Tips

It is not just maid trains that employ Japan’s female population as a recent survey by a credit ratings agency found that one in every 10 companies in Japan has a lady president.

Tokyo Shoko Research said it conducted a survey on 2.09 million companies of all scales in Japan, and found that 10.1% were headed by woman presidents, with Tokyo having the highest rate of 12.7% among prefectures.

The image above is of Yoshimi Morinaga, a CEO who founded popular girls avatar fashion site poupee girl at the age of 25 and has since gone on to start other enterprises.  By industry, 34.8% of the firms with female presidents were service-related businesses, such as restaurants and education, followed by 16.2% in retailing, 14.4% in real estate, 10.4% in construction, 8% in manufacturing and 7.7% in wholesale.

In the past, female presidents in Japan often inherited their businesses from their parents and spouses, but lately, there have been women who started their own businesses by offering original services, the research agency said.

It also noted in a statement that those recent female entrepreneurs often build up connections with people ‘‘without caring too much about their titles or which groups they belong to,’’ in apparent contrast to a tendency observed among their male counterparts.

According to the research group, with the prospects of the Japanese economy becoming increasingly uncertain, female presidents are expected to become the engine in breaking it (and everyone in the country) out of the doldrums.

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